Write an Ecmascript RegEx to select any url starting with /home

You can use the following regular expression in ECMAScript (JavaScript) to select any URL starting with "/home":

const regex = /^\/home/;


  • ^ asserts the start of the string.
  • \/home matches the literal string "/home".

This regex will match any string that starts with "/home", which includes URLs like "/home", "/home/page", "/home/user", etc.

You can use this regular expression in various JavaScript methods like test(), match(), or exec() to perform the matching operation. For example:

const url = "/home/user/documents";
const regex = /^\/home[\w\W]*$/;

if (regex.test(url)) {
  console.log("URL starts with /home");
} else {
  console.log("URL does not start with /home");

This example will print "URL starts with /home" to the console.

Full string: if you need to match the full string, here's an ECMAScript (JavaScript) regular expression to match any URL starting with "/home":

const regex = /^\/home[\w\W]*$/;

This regular expression works as follows:

  • ^ asserts the start of the line.
  • \/home matches the exact string "/home" at the beginning.
  • [\w\W]* matches any character (similar to the dot "." in other regex flavors, but including newlines as well) zero or more times.
  • $ asserts the end of the line.