In JavaScript, how to remove n characters at the end of a string?

To remove a specified number of characters from the end of a string in JavaScript, you can use the .slice() method, which is simple and intuitive. Here's how you can do it:

Using the .slice() Method

The .slice() method extracts a section of a string and returns it as a new string without modifying the original string. It can also accept negative values, which can help in slicing strings from the end.

For example, if you want to remove n characters from the end of a string called str, you would write:

let str = "Hello, world!";
let n = 6;
let newStr = str.slice(0, -n); // "Hello, "


  • str.slice(0, -n) starts slicing from the start (index 0) to n characters back from the end of the string (-n).

This method is efficient and works seamlessly for dynamically removing characters based on your requirements.

Additional Ways:

Although using slice is typically sufficient, you might encounter or consider using other methods like substring or manipulating the string through conversion to an array, especially if more complex manipulations are needed. However, for simply removing characters from the end, slice is recommended for its simplicity and performance.