How to truncate javascript strings?

Truncating strings in JavaScript means shortening them to a certain length. You can do this using several methods. Here are two common ones:

  1. Using the substring() method:
let str = "Hello, World!";
let truncatedStr = str.substring(0, 5); // This will output "Hello"

The substring() method takes two arguments: the start index (inclusive) and the end index (exclusive). In this case, we start at 0 and end at 5, so we get the first five characters.

  1. Using the slice() method:
let str = "Hello, World!";
let truncatedStr = str.slice(0, 5); // This will output "Hello"

The slice() method works similarly to substring(), but it can accept negative indexes, which start from the end of the string.

Remember, JavaScript string indexes start at 0, so the first character of the string is at index 0.

If you want to truncate a string but keep whole words (avoid cutting off a word in the middle), you might need a more complex solution, possibly involving the split() method and some additional logic. Here's an example:

let str = "Hello, World!";
let maxLength = 10;

if (str.length > maxLength) {
    let truncatedStr = str.substr(0, str.lastIndexOf(' ', maxLength));
    truncatedStr += '...'; // Add ellipsis to indicate text is truncated

In this example, we're finding the last space within our maxLength and truncating the string there, so we don't cut off a word in the middle. We also add an ellipsis (...) to the end to indicate that the text has been truncated.