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iterate over objects JS

The best way to iterate through JavaScript object on modern browsers is:

  1. to convert the object into JS array
  2. then to iterate through the array.

Here is an example:

var myObject = { string: "example", integer: 12 };

Object.entries(myObject).forEach(function ([key, value]) {
   console.log(key, value)

The expected console output is:

string example
integer 12

For older browsers (before ES6), the only way to loop through JS objects is to use a for ... in loop:

for (var property in object) {
	// Skip loop if the property is from prototype
	if (object.hasOwnProperty(property)) {
    	// Do awesome stuff here
When you loop through an object with the  for ... in  loop, you need to check if the property belongs to the object or the to the prototype.