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In Python, how to append a list as a row to a Pandas DataFrame ?

There are several ways to append a list to a Pandas Dataframe in Python. Let's consider the following dataframe and list:

import pandas as pd
# Dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame([[1, 2], [3, 4]], columns = ["col1", "col2"])
# List to append
list = [5, 6]

Option 1: append the list at the end of the dataframe with pandas.DataFrame.loc.

df.loc[len(df)] = list

Option 2: convert the list to dataframe and append with pandas.DataFrame.append().

df = df.append(pd.DataFrame([list], columns=df.columns), ignore_index=True)

Option 3: convert the list to series and append withpandas.DataFrame.append().

df = df.append(pd.Series(list, index = df.columns), ignore_index=True)

Each of the above options should create a dataframe similar to:

   col1  col2
0     1     2
1     3     4
2     5     6